Fasstech (Functional Assessment Technologies), a provider of Medical Technologies, manufactures medical equipment. Fasstech is a full service OEM provider of medical device technology including services for hardware and software design, validation, regulatory submissions, ISO 9001-manufacturing, and customer support. They create medical devices by using medical technology, physiological monitoring, OEM, ISO 9001, ISO-certified. Fasstech is FDA and FDA compliant. Fasstech is involved with regulatory, chiropractic, urology, EMG, E-Stim, biofeedback, temperature, thermography, electromyography, Range Of Motion (ROM), Functional Assessment operations. Chiropractic Leadership Alliance is a client along with SRS Medical. Based in Massachusetts, MASS-MEDIC, manufacturer, medical software developer, Fasstech is the manufacturer of the Insight Millennium, Platinum, Orion PC, Insight 5000, Insight 7000, Smart Sensor and Ergo-Analyzer medical products.